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Book Club

Sophia Zoom Circle

The Sophia Circle Book Club meets every Monday from 8-9 pm EST to discuss various readings from spiritual literature.


The Zoom link is:  

Zoom for Sophia Circle Book Study

There are two sections to our Book Club.  We study different books on alternate Mondays.

Section One:

THE REAPPEARANCE OF CHRIST IN THE ETHERIC:  We are about to begin the last chapter of this book, another year-long study following the previous year-long examination of Steiner's THE GOSPEL OF ST. JOHN.   The message is that Christ is here but you have to develop the organs of perception to see the Spiritual Worlds.  The study of Anthroposophy leads to developing such organs.  Christ will never again appear in physical form, but will become ever more present and visible in the ether.  Steiner discusses how our blood etherizes as it rises from the heart to the head, surrounding the pineal gland with a glistening misty aura.  This is where Christ's etheric body, which entered earth's etheric body when His wounds shed blood into the earth on Golgotha, mixes with our developing awareness of the etheric realm.  Our senses of love and compassion and forgiveness and understanding grow.   Chapter 10, 11, and 12 are about Spirit Beings, how to understand the spirit world in terms of actual beings, and how to reckon with the ever-present contrary forces, ie contrary beings.   Chapter 13, the last one, is "The Three Realms between Death and Rebirth."

Our next book, which we may start to read by June, is THREEFOLD MARY by Emil Brock.

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