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anthroposophy (noun)
[an-thro-POS-o-phy] The art and science of becoming more fully human

Sophia Zoom Circle

The Sophia Circle Book Club meets every Tuesday from 8-9 pm EST to discuss various readings from spiritual literature.

Here is the Zoom link:

Sophia Circle Zoom Study Link

Starting Tuesday, September 12 we will study Rudolf Steiner's “The Interior of the Earth”.  This is considered the most abstruse material for the occultist, one which is now gaining more attention with contemporary Anthroposophists.  It is highly intriguing.


After this book, we are considering reading Rudolf Steiner's “A Psychology of Body, Soul, and Spirit:  Anthroposophy, Psychosophy, Pneumatosophy”.

For more information about joining, please email Barbara Braathen at


Recently, Sophia Circle Zoom was meeting in two groups.  The first Group was studying Steiner's KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS.  Steiner explains that we incarnate in "waves" of karmically connected souls who experience their lives together over incarnations; and that such human beings dwell within one another in the time between death and a new birth, thus setting up certain conditions for the next incarnations.  This group was also doing readings of THE FAIRY TALE OF THE GREEN SNAKE AND BEAUTIFULLY by Goethe, translated by Thomas Carlyle.


In the past we studied PATH TO AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION by Ernst Katz and Rene Querida.  The Foundation Stone Meditation was given by Steiner in 1923.  As described by Daisy Aldan:  "The meditation is mantric, that is, a spiritual revelation in which sound, form and rhythm integrate with the esoteric meaning which lies in layers of evocative multiplicity."   There are four parts, with various and complex internal structures, mirrors, and directions from which to study the willing-feeling-thinking human in relation to the spiritual world.

Sophia Circle In-Person Circles

We have separated into two in-person circles for the last half of 2023.

Group One:


WHERE:  Vineyard/Atlantic Theatre - 751 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach

TIME: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Wednesday, September 13 - Michaelmas Discussion:  read ahead in Festivals book pp 315-347.

Friday, September 29 - 9 am-noon - Hanna Park:  Spring River Michaelmas Festival

Friday, October 27 - Martinmas/Christmas Festival Discussion

Friday, December 1st - Christmas Festival Discussion


“Festivals are not merely the commemoration of mighty historical events or truths with the Christian tradition, but are in themselves – each year – spiritual events, manifesting in seasonal and natural rhythms, which carry a significance that grows and deepens with the developing of human evolution.”


A link to the book is below:



Group Two:

WHERE:  Vineyard/Atlantic Theatre - 751 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach

TIME: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm



Wednesday, October 11

Wednesday, November 8

Wednesday, December 13


Are Thoresen, a Norwegian veterinarian-physician, has developed a new form of healing in an expansion of Steiner's medical lectures.  Story:  Steiner's last lecture cycle was on healing, but of the three lectures, he delivered only one, became too sick, and passed away.  Thoresen and a group of Anthroposophist doctors in Europe determined to find these last two lectures.  This helped to develop a new form of healing.  Here are some illuminating videos with Are Thoresen:

Barbara Braathen Guest Speaker

The leader of our Sophia Circle,, Barbara Braathen was interviewed for Martin Bensen's podcast "Concerning the Spiritual in Art."  See it below!!

Protective Grid Around
the City of Jacksonville


In 2019, members of our Sophia Circle determined that a protective spiritual shield could be developed around Jacksonville by burying the Holy Night candles in the sequence of the Zodiac in a circle around our area.  Initially, this was for protection from the effects of 5G, which could potentially clog up the Angel network of influences.  It was also viewed as building a spiritual dome over Jacksonville to serve as a space portal for the angelic realms, to invite higher beings in and to help us develop a relationship with the spiritual realms.  Each Holy Night candle includes copper and a crystal, and each honors one of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac.  The first candle buried was Sagittarius, buried during Sagittarius, under a pine tree.  Subsequently, the other eleven candles, during the month of their Zodiac sign, were buried under pine trees circling the city.    The whole process took a year.  In addition to the Holy Night candle, a Shungite tetrahedron was also buried; known as the 'miracle' stone, Shungite provides protection from electromagnetic frequencies.  We thank these dedicated Anthroposophists for this circle of love that now encompasses our area!!

The locations include the park at Bayard off US1, the WMCA at Ponte Vedre, the Playgarden School in Atlantic Beach, Hanna Park, Ft. George Island, Baldwin Park on North Side, Jennings Forest in Middleburg, Fleming Island, and Julington Creek

Talk by Dr. Karin Cseak

The Elemental Ceremony was blessed with a talk by Dr. Karin Cseak, a Sophia Circle member and Anthroposophical Physican from Ohio.  Dr. Karin was visiting Jacksonville for the first time, and we want her to come down more often, and perhaps offer some medical consultation in our area.  There are very few Anthroposophical Physicians in America:  Florida has none, California and New York each have seven, Ohio has one, many states have none.  Dr. Karin discussed how Anthroposophic Medicine is closely tied to the elementals, and is administered in relation to the movements of the earth, sun, moon, planets, and stars.  It is an extremely effective approach to good health.  Thank you so much, Dr. Karin!!


We in Jax were delighted to meet in person our Sophia Sister from Durham NC, Ruth Upton, when she passed through to visit her sister in Melbourne.  Great to meet you, Ruth!!  And please come again.

Annual Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society in America

The Sophia Circle participated as a presenter in the annual meeting of the Anthroposophical Society of America in Washington DC on October 8-9, 2022.  The theme for 2022 was "Enkindling Connections."  

There were three online gatherings beforehand.  First, on September 29, there was a presentation from the Goetheneum, the central headquarters of the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach, Switzerland, including a tour of the building designed by Rudolf Steiner. 

Second, on October 2nd, there were presentations by The House of Peace in Ipswich Massachusettes and by our Sophia Circle;  We held a 25-minute presentation of music, art, words, and movement discussing the Divine Sophia, her children the Elementals, and her relationship to Christ in the etheric.  

On October 4, presentations were made by chapters in Maine, Alabama, and Georgia.  

For more information, contact Barbara at

More about Sophia Circle

Anthroposophy, as the field of spiritual science, was described by Rudolf Steiner as "a path of knowledge to guide the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe."

As we move through our lives, and in the world, we seek to understand each other and ourselves to find both harmony and freedom.


To understand others, we must develop a true interest in them and the world, and find an appreciation for the individual value of each person.

Sophia Circle seeks to engage with others in ways that bridge the gaps of understanding and acceptance that leave so many feeling alone and polarized. 

We welcome you to follow us on social media, join one of our meetings or reach out via email to


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